Lack Realty Appraisal Services

Lack Realty Appraisal provides appraisals to assist with dividing assets for divorce or estate settlements, financing or re-financing (mortgages), selling or Power of Sale transactions, litigation, arbitration, expropriation, subdivision analyses for land development, municipal and private property portfolios.

Residential and Agricultural Properties
Lack Realty Appraisal’s extensive experience in residential and agricultural properties includes literally thousands of houses, vacant lots and a variety of farms.

Industrial, Commercial and Investment Properties
Lack Realty Appraisal has provided property appraisals of manufacturing and warehouse industrial uses, retail and office commercial uses, residential rental facilities ranging from basic duplexes to condominium developments and multiple storey complexes. 
Specialized Services
Lack Realty Appraisal is experienced in providing detailed reports for advance purchases and settlements related to property expropriation.  We also offer condominium reserve fund studies to comply with mandated requirements and also reserve fund studies for private clubs and organizations to assist in budgeting.